Announcing BNBBits: BEP-721 Token Upgrade & Genesis Edition NFTs

BNB Bits
2 min readMar 10, 2021


Hello everyone!

After launching BNBBits last week, we are very happy to see a lively community already developing. 135 BNBBits have been sold out of 2,500 total, and today we have some new updates for you!

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BEP-721 Deployment

BNBBits was originally a fork of the CryptoBunks code resulting in a hybrid-NFT represented as a BEP20 token, which makes it difficult to support trading on BSC NFT marketplaces like BOpensea that just launched. Due to this, we have rewritten and redeployed the BNBBits as true BEP721 NFTs that are transferred directly to your wallet upon purchase!

Original BNBBits Purchasers

To the people who purchased the original 135 BNBBits, we have branded your BNBBit with a platinum background that represents the Genesis Edition of BNBBits. Thank you for being early supporters! The new BEP271 BNBBit of your prior purchase has been automatically sent to your wallet if you bought one of the original 135.

BNBBits Randomization

Additionally, we re-randomized the order of the remaining BNBBits to be sold as the current ordering wasn’t great and had many in-line repetitions. The remaining BNBBits (other than the final Rainbow ones) have been shuffled and will be sold in a completely random order.

Future of BNBBits

We have some exciting news of a potential collaboration with a new and upcoming BSC marketplace coming soon, so stay tuned for that! Our plans are to focus on getting integrated with a marketplace so users can more easily trade their BNBBits now. Additionally, once BNBBits get into larger circulation, we will be looking into deploying more uses for your BNBBits!

Thanks for your support!

BNBBits Team

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